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Let Smart energy save you money

There is simply no better time to invest in a third Gen Google Nest Smart thermostat, for just £270 supplied and fitted you will easily make your investment back by the end of the first year.

The thermostat controls up to 60% of the energy in your home

Just £270 all in

Supplied and fitted by a Google Nest Pro technician that’s Gas safe registered too

*2 Year warranty

Book me in

No Programming

Auto schedule will learn from you and programme itself

Remote Control

Allows you to preheat your home during the colder seasons

Check History

Check your past usage and fine tune for further savings

Hot water tank

You can even control your hot water tank when you need

Take the guess work out and let Google do the leg work

Not many people are fully aware of how a Google Nest works or how it can benefit them.  Simply put they are an absolute necessity for todays energy problems.  Google Nest is a highly sophisticated thermostat that uses AI to best fine tune your energy needs.

With multiple sensors that can detect various information like when you are in, what the current temperature is and much more.  Every time you turn the ring it will learn another thing!

What are you waiting for?

Arrive at a warm home with Wifi

Not only can you let Google Nest detect when you are home or not and adjust the temperature according to how you like it, it also provides excellent options for economically running your boiler.  Temperature sensors inside tell the boiler when to start and stop to maintain a certain temperature.

Imagine a cold London night and you are on your way home from work or picking up the kids, you can log in to your nest and turn your heating on so you arrive at a nice warm home!

Start smart and start saving

Meet the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat

A Google Nest to suit your home and personality

With a range of colours, there will be a Google Nest to suit your home. Not only will it fit right in with your interior but will even start to think like you!

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